Fbx imported is very grainy

Hi. I’m new to UE and I’m having a problem. I’ve started a new empty project and I designed the terrain and after a while I’ve imported an .FBX file created in Maya. The problem is that the texture is very grainy and I don’t know how to solve this. I’ve also created a new empty project and I imported again the fbx and in “this new” project the texture is looking perfect but in my old project is very grainy. How can I solve this? I’ve attached a file how it should look like and how it looks now. Thank you!

Would you add screenshots of the material graph the FBX is using, and also screenshots of any textures referenced by the material? Also, did you try pressing the Build button to rebuild lighting?

My guess would be that this is a mipmap issue, make sure that all your texture resolutions are in the power of 2. For example; 512, 1024 ect

You are right. I’ve started the project for android and after I read the android documentation I saw that I’ve used wrong texture sizes.
Thank you!