FBX Import

Trying to import an FBX with animation from a point cache piece of geometry. IE a dress animated on a character - the character which is a boned rig imports fine. However, the cloth on its own has a pc2 cache file that when I write the FBX with the correct boxes ticked, will not take the animation into Unreal. Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks

Are you using 3dsMax ? I am having the same issue but with Autodesk’s XML instead of pc2. I export in FBX using selection set and when I import into Unreal, the point cache is lost. I have tried to check what is going on by importing the FBX file back to 3dsMax but they ALWAYS crash. I have tried with many types of geometry, from simple cylinder to a character’s dress… The only point cached animation Unreal understands from 3dsMax is Alembic, but that means we have to re-assign all materials and textures as ABC does not embed them…

Really frustrating as we work here with visualisation using 3dsmax… I have googled the issue for two days but cannot find anything in regards.