Fbx import of meshes, axis pivot, notworking.

Am not sure what is going on, am trying to bring in some simple meshes, wall pieces, and am using fbx2014, The axis’s import 8 feet to 20 feet away from mesh, If I make a cube and do nothing and import it, axis is in center as expected, If I move axis to a corner pivot point, and import it,it is in center, like I did nothing. My 15 meshes I made for wall building are snapping and working as expected in c4d and modo . I am using c4d and have had no problems before , over last 4 months. If I export to MODO the axis are exactly whey they are supposed to be. and then from modo to UE4 the same thing, the axis off sets, when I drag mesh onto floor scale and textures are good! I updated from 10.3 to 10.4,before this project. Tried 11.0 and same problem, Half a Sunday on this already! Any help would be appreciated ! Dale

It looks like I get to answer my own question. After going around in circles I discovered that cinema4d exports its objects with FBX, using the viewport 0.0.0 position not the objects axis ! By zeroing out the object in the viewport ,I got the object to export as expected ! When it went into modo OK it threw me a curve. In the past I had been working with one object at a time and I did not notice. Other than I would have to move it slightly in UE4. Now I get it. And should get everything exported exact !
Hope this helps someone else in the future.