FBX import issues, no skeleton, bones (Blender)

So I am trying to import this model into UE4 with a basic walk animation. I get a couple of errors.

“FBX bind poses is invalid” it will be ignored. “Warning: the following bones are missing from the bind pose then it says to use t0 as ref pose if they are not set correctly after importing.”

I have been assured all these are included in the file, however the imported model is much smaller then the character already inside the 3rd person blueprint.

Could a scaling issue be causing this problem?

I have tried converting it with the newer fbx importer and no go. The artists is using blender to model, rig, and animate I believe.

Any help would be appreciated.

I believe the translation is 100uu is 1 bu, or vice versa, in other words, you have to scale 100 times to create the same size in unreal.

This might be of some help.

ask your artist to check my playlist Blender to UE4
also make sure that the mesh is parented to the armature
the work flow is the same as i show in my blender to UDK just the scale is different

Also make sure in object & edit mode for both the skeleton and the mesh that there is no scale differences all set to 1.

Thanks guys, I’ll throw this up on our basecamp!

Such a helpful community!