FBX Import Issue

A couple of issues I’ve run into.


I imported in a rigged FBX 3ds max model into Unreal engine 4.12. And my model textures correctly except for his eyes, the eyes remain all white.

How do I fix his eyes to get them back to normal?

looks like the eyes don’t have a material. If thats not it are the UV’s the same on the import as the Max file?

Yes that was the issue, I imported my rig into Blender, and saw the eyes for my soldier model are embedded in the uv map itself). But once I assigned the eye material node to the body uv map texture in blender, then the white eyes came back to normal and now show up in blender. Blender can’t import facial rigs or skeleton rigs into Blender correctly. So I fixed the eye in blender then exported it out to unreal to put the texture on my model. That worked, now the eye is fixed.

did you move the UV’s in blender then export? it might be order of operation and you need to re-bind and paint weights. I don’t know blender well but this is a computer graphics thing. After rigging you can only do certain operations before you have to re-bind on a skeleton, like you can’t easily add blendshapes after rigging.

Also try to re-import via import button not re-import over the mesh icon b/c sometimes that seems to mess things up.