FBX Import Covered with Blotches

Hi all,

I’ve been searching for an answer on this one for days, so I decided to post the question in hope that some knowledgeable people may come across it and help.
I’ve created a 3D Object using Medium Sculpting(VR), exported it with no problems, converted it to a FBX, which when viewed after being converted looks fine. The problem comes when I Import it to UE4, it’s covered with blotches. When I apply textures the blotches remain. I’ve provided a picture. The surfaces should be completely smooth on the mesh.
I would sincerely appreciate the help… I’ve been stumped for days searching for an answer.

Your meshes need to have UV mapping which is coordinates for the textures. You likely also need to set up an additional UV mapping channel (the second channel) which will be used for lightmaps:

Thank you so much! Well, here comes the next step in the journey of learning how everything works.

Thanks again