FBX export from Blender to UE4 get strange Tangents and Binormals

Hey guys

I export props from Blender to UE4 as FBX. Everything looks fine so far but as soon as i bake the lightmap i get weird shading. The Lightmap resolution is 512 and deep red.
But the result looks like this:

I checked my tangents and binormals and they look like this:

Is there something to keep in mind when exporting from Blender?
I tried every option but couldn’t find a solution.
My method is to add a triangulate modifier and a weighted normal modifier and export it as FBX.

A friend took that FBX into 3ds max, reseted the normals, added smoothing groups and a weighted normals. Now everything is fine.

I am looking for a Blender solution and hope you can help me.
Thank you so much