FBX Camera import

Hi, I have some camera animations from my 3D software that I want to transfer into UE. Do you know how?

You should be able to import camera animations for cinematic purposes via Matinee, if that’s what you are asking. You can get further info about this process in the Matinee documentation at AnswerHub.

That’s exactly how you do it Jacky, I did it in this video during the BETA

Awesome! it works. Thanks. One more thing… do you know how to control the near clipping? I get my objects cutted when they are too close from the camera.


Please dont get me wrong, but when you do a quick search in forums, AnswerHub and Documentation you can get 90% of the answers you seek and you wont even have to wait for someone to answer you. This goes for everyone asking questions, btw. Again, no offense!!! :slight_smile: