Fatal Logs crash the Editor?

So, I added a ‘Fatal’ log to my game. If I run the editor outside of visual studio, it will just freeze the entire application, until it says it couldn’t find procedure entry point from (completely unrelated to my actual error, which was a sql one). if I run the editor from visual studio it will break point around there. I guess I just want to be sure this is the intended result, and something else isn’t going on. Would be nice if it was more graceful in its fatal errors though.

the point of a fatal error is to indicate that something so bad happened, that the application cannot continue to run. I don’t know, if logging a fatal error actually kills the game or editor, but it would be kind of what I personally would expect when creating a fatal error.

So, if whatever happens in your code cannot be considered fatal (application cannot proceed with that thing happening) than don’t use a FATAL error, but a normal one.