Fastest way to reconnect to another server in multiplayer for bigger worlds?

Any special way to load part of a map into memory to reduce reconnecting & loading times?

Since we dont have proper large scale “mmo type” networking, I’m wondering if there is a way I can get fast reconnecting times for changing servers/maps when getting to the end of the zone and beginning in the next part. So I can have a huge world interconnected by pieces of the map on each server.
(Players will be spread far out so I can’t use the world composition singleplayer/coop feature)

How long will it probably take to reconnect? The main problem I have is theres vehicles in my game that go at decent speeds so if players have to reconnect alot and loading times are high that might get frustrating.

I had the following answer, but It’s a bit confusing to a non programmer/3d artist like myself,
Can anyone explain it a bit better and tell me how to set it up?
Possibly with blueprints instead?

  1. to go to another server when you hit the zone

void ClientTravel(const FString& URL, enum ETravelType TravelType, bool bSeamless = false, FGuid MapPackageGuid = FGuid());

  1. To start into the same area that you left off, you would need to keep your maps origin common to the level. You can send the positon as an option in the “URL”. Another idea would be to have landmarks or sub volumes that linkup from map to map