FAQ: Slate

Dec 1, 2020.Knowledge

Python support for Slate?

  • We have no plans to support python directly creating Slate UI.
  • Editor Utility Widgets (UMG and BPs) are the path forward there and users can add their own hooks to call back into python as necessary (via blueprint callable functions)

What are the best practices for the variety of resolutions/aspect ratios of android devices, with regards to UI and touch controls (anchoring and scaling)?

  • As of 4.25, we have a couple of different resolutions
    • Mobile content scale factors - on Android, 1.0 is 720p, 2.0 is full HD, and this is the size of the backbuffer and resolution of the UI
    • We have dynamic resolution working for iOS on 4.25 and on
    • This makes sure the 3D scene changes resolution, but the 2D should stay consistent
    • We only make changes for iPads, with bigger resolutions and backbuffers to make the image sharper