FAQ: Sequencer - Take Recorder

Dec 3, 2020.Knowledge

What’s the best way to record the time code and display a Take to/from our HUD?

  • Pre 4.25: The timecode that’s set in the TimeCodeProvider is recorded as metadata on level sequences through the take recorder.
  • To display current timecode, you can use “Get Timecode” in a Blueprint at runtime or in the editor to hook into the HUD.
  • For playback you can access the start timecode of a level sequence with “Get Timecode Source” on a level sequence reference, then use “Get Playback Start” to retrieve the start frame. With these two values you can find an offset by converting the start timecode from “Get Timecode Source” result into its corresponding QualifiedFrameTime, and adding it to the start frame to find an offset value that will let you convert the current time to a timecode value. This can be done by adding that offset to the value of “Get Current Time” and converting back to timecode for display. All of this must be accomplished in an Editor Utility Blueprint / Editor Utility Widget and requires that you are not in a built game.
  • As of 4.25: You will be able to record the timecode through Take Recorder and then “Get Current Time” will just be the timecode value.

Can we automate loading specific takes during runtime with Blueprint, or some non-editor used method?

  • Editor Utility Blueprints have the “Open Level Sequence” Blueprint node that will work in editor and PIE but not in a built game.

How do we record live gameplay and then throw it all into Sequencer so we can work on top of it to create trailers?

  • You can use the Take Recorder plugin to record PIE into a level sequence. In the past we supported Sequence Recorder as well, but as of 4.24 have since deprecated it.

In Take Recorder can we change the slate name at runtime with Blueprint or using some non-editor method?

  • This can be done with Editor Utility Blueprints through “Get Take Recorder Panel > Get Take MetaData > Set Slate”, which will work in editor and PIE but not in a built game.