FAQ: Online

Dec 15, 2020.Knowledge

What are the best resources to look at when we want to start using an Online Subsystem?

What is the best way to implement accounts within our application? Do we need to implement a third-party tool, or use existing accounts?

Is there any official guidance/best practices for plugins that require or deal with authentication materials in the editor?

Do the existing Unreal Engine Online Subsystems support authentication with a backend through iOS Game Center and Android Google Play?

  • We only provide auth code retrieval for backend verification via the OnlineSubsystemGoogle, so, you would have to use that in conjunction with the OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay OSS for any sort of Google auth.
  • Game Center for iOS is supported.
  • Also, as of 4.26, Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” API is exposed in the OnlineSubsystemApple.