FAQ: Niagara - Transitioning from Cascade

Dec 3, 2020.Knowledge

Niagara performance vs Cascade?

  • There is some overhead to Niagara that Cascade doesn’t have. We’ve done testing where at about 50-100 particles Niagara tends to win out over Cascade on the game thread. Fewer emitters is preferable and things like merging emitters using spawn id logic and multiple renderers on an emitter can help with this. Memory use is higher on Niagara versus Cascade due to Niagara having a compiled script that is used and Cascade is able to reuse module C++ logic. We will continue to work on improving the performance of Niagara.

Are there ways to migrate Cascade FX into Niagara?

  • As of 4.26 we are providing an experimental converter as a plugin. Once enabled you can convert a Cascade particle system to a Niagara system through the right-click menu in the content browser. We intend for this to be a starting point for conversion, and should cover a majority of the work, but there will likely be some work that needs to be done by hand after conversion.