FAQ: GeneralFAQ: Memory

Mar 9, 2021.Knowledge

How do I get a more holistic view of memory when using memreport?

  • LLM is designed to “bucketize” memory usage. Run with -llm (for on-screen stats) or -llmcsv (for .csv file stats) if you haven’t already. It is disabled in Test builds by default in the code you probably have (but we are making it default to on). See ALLOW_LOW_LEVEL_MEM_TRACKER_IN_TEST.

How can we prune actors / content on low-power platforms before bringing resources into memory?

What tools for performance and memory does Epic use, in which contexts, and how?

  • We use a variety of tools; Xcode GPU trace captures (iOS GPU), RenderDoc (Android GPU), FramePro (CPU), Unreal Insights, LLM (Memory), Instruments (iOS perf), proprietary tools depending on the platform, etc.
  • Long term: Unreal Insights is intended to cover as much as possible on the engine side, but that time frame is for UE5, so it will take some time to be production ready.