FAQ: Editor

This was originally published for UDN

Is it feasible to build a custom Editor that can use a mix of packaged and editor assets?

  • You can currently load a limited set of cooked assets; activate this in ‘Project Settings\Engine\Cooker\Editor’

Why does the UE4 content browser load the selected asset when right clicking the asset just to show the context menu?

  • The asset has to load in order to get enough information to generate all the context menu options. It would be great to refactor this in the future but it would mean putting a significant amount more data into the asset registry.

We would like to reduce startup time, is there something we can do to “warm up” assets for use in the Editor to improve PIE especially?

  • Our remote studios use DDC commandlet to prewarm, but we don’t use it at HQ
  • At HQ we rely on the nightly builds to prewarm
  • In 4.26, we’ve added instrumentation inside the cooker (via Unreal Insights) to get detailed information on where time is spent to help teams identify bottlenecks.
  • No specific plans to be able to provide it a list of content to prime or some kind of asset filter, but if we did, it would likely be a list of maps.