Fantasy Dungeon

Cool, thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Beautiful work, man, congrats! Screenshots are stunning.

Looks like no fantasy dungeon this week :frowning:

I’m also looking forward to this appearing on the Marketplace.

Are you working on anything similar? I like the style and would like to add more of your content to my upcoming game.

Paсk will be released in the Market February 3. It is almost 3 months from the date. Yes, a very long time …

Rhynedahll In the future we plan to Caves pack

Looking great! it would be nice if you could add more props / decals later.

This is a no brainer buy in a couple weeks when I have the money to spare! Superb quality on everything!

Will there be any updates for this pack? Or is it ‘what you see is what you get’? Not to sound ungrateful but with a couple of updates with new items for your packs later on, just to give it that extra flare to lure people in, and you have a long time costumer right here.

Either way I’m getting this one at least!

I am happy to report that the pack has finally appeared in the Market. I hope you like it.

Audam Perhaps in the future something will be added, so far no concrete plans.

I bought this, and I like the assets! Thanks for making them available in the store.

I’m running into a weird problem in the showcase level. Door D2, when I open and pass through it from the stairs direction, it works fine.
When I open and attempt to pass through it from the cells side, I can’t actually walk through it. It’s like an invisible collision plane is in the way.

I looked at the blueprint, and it animates the rotation the same for both directions, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.
I also thought the character navigation agent (collision cylinder) might be too big, but I reduced it to 10 radius and 120 height, and I still can’t pass through in this direction.

I looked at the blueprint, and it seems fine. Both trigger volumes are “overlap” only and shouldn’t get in the way of moving.
When I delete the door blueprint, I can move through the arch fine, so it’s definitely something with that blueprint, but I can’t figure out what it is! Do you have any idea?

I’m using the first person template project character controller.
It works from this direction:

The door opens when I walk up to it and press E. I just can’t walk through the doorway.

But it doesn’t work from this direction:

Do you know what could be going on?

I had the same problem with another pack (Sci-Fi Interiors) when I created a door that was controlled by blueprints. I think what is happening is that when the object is in BP form and is animated, the collision box does not animate with the object. My fix, if you can call it that, was to remove the door’s collision properties :\

Collision around the door, and add a collision box on the actor. When the player presses E, then remove the collision box component, then open the door. When the door closes, add the collision box again. It’s a work around :\

I checked how it works in versions 4.9, 4.10 and 4.11, and did not detect any problems.

I do not know what it was. The only thing I can suggest is to try to change Collision presets in Blueprints.

I can change the collission preset, yes, but then what happens is I can walk through the door without first opening it.

I’m playing around in the blueprint, because all the symptoms are as if the collision doesn’t update when rotating backwards, but it does rotate forwards.

When doing that, I found that there is a “delay 2 seconds” node to set the “moving” field to false when done. However, this node gets fired each time the door moves, which queues a lot of delays. While this “works” it doesn’t seem very efficient, and it might keep the door from moving again for a while after it’s done.
The better option for this is to fire the “set moving to false” node on the “Finished” output from the animation curve playback node. No delay needed.

Interestingly, the separate door “D3” also uses the same blueprint, and has the same problem – it can only be entered through in one direction!

FWIW, I’m using 4.11.2.

Some more observations:

  • the trigger volumes move with the door when animating. This surprised me, but it doesn’t really break anything
  • the door has two LODs, but they seem to be the same? I would have thought the door handle/ring, at least, should be part of the normal map in LOD1. As it is, both LODs use the same material.
  • the peephole in the door is part of the collision mesh, including the grate bars. This seems expensive. At least, the bars don’t need to be part of the hole (a single hole in the center is cheaper)
  • the collision is not 100% centered with the actual geometry (see below)

I ended up working around the problem by adding code to disable collision for the door when it’s open (doorstate is 1 or 2,) and then re-enable it when the door closes (doorstate is 0)

Now, all this being said – this content pack has higher quality than most others I’ve gotten on the marketplace. The fact that I’m talking about the specific efficiency of small details is actually high praise :slight_smile:

I only have point lights in my scene.

The materials for the walls all appear blotchy under these conditions. Is there some setting that I am overlooking or must I alter the materials for this lighting set up?

It seemed to very much be that one of the collision boxes wasn’t animating with the door.
I ended up working around by directly poking at the collisions in the blueprint.

You are likely building lighting with low quality, and/or your lightmass importance volume doesn’t enclose the whole dungeon.
Make sure you have the importance volume, and make sure that you build at high quality or production quality.

None of the lights are lit prior to play. Forgot to mention that.

The player has a light and the wall torches can be fueled and lit. I have been researching ways to fake indirect light, but so far haven’t come up with anything.

Are the lights dynamic?
If so, what resolution are you getting for dynamic shadow maps?
Dynamic lights on static geometry is generally a bad idea.
You could make them “changeable” without making them “movable.” This still lets lightmass preprocess them, but you can turn them on/off and change their color/intensity at runtime.

The wall torches are Stationary. The player’s light is Moveable.

There is no Directional light in the scene.

Find my solution.

Turned off Cast Shadow on the wall and floor meshes.

Looks good now. :slight_smile: