Fantastical "Minim" (Work in Progress Game)

Update to Concerto,

New Gameplay and much newer approach is being taken the game for example the game plans to be a bit more on the toned down side “It may land a Teen rating over a Mature rating”.

The other thing is since the game is leaning more towards a more Earthly like setting there are actually some fantasy levels but not very many only a few these worlds play a role in the game where they feel similar to Fantastical but they are designed much more differently.

The next step is to try to nail the games mechanic perfectly since alot of worlds already exist i feel there is enough to play around with as i script alot of the characters attacks , moves and animations.

Still a work in progress will update more on this later.

More to come about this new game later.


Coming Soon for BSD / GNU / Windows 10 / Windows 11 / Xbox Series X|S

ESRB: RP LM “Likely Mature +17”

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