familiar with UnrealEngine 4 and blueprint but new to c++, HELP PLZ.

I want to run a video in the middle of the game, and this is not possible at the moment and i don’t have time to wait for 4.5 to be able to do so, so i’v made a blueprint that takes an array of images ( video converted to image sequence ) and each 0.04 sec ( 25fps ) the blueprint replaces the texture with the next one in the array. I know this is slow but this is what i can do for now, because i also need to fade it in and out and as a material it gives me the ability to do so.
Anyways, to add the image sequence one by one to the array ( dragging from the content browser ) is really annoying, i did so for a video of 281 frames length, but this is was only a test, the target video gonna be longer, so i wanna know how i can assign images to an array with the right order by name, now i don’t know where to start with c++, I really need a head start.

You could load all assets within a given folder by name. The names of each frame could be then using the movie name a prefix within a folder that has the same name as your movie name:

  • MyMovie/
    • MyMovie_1
    • MyMovie_2
    • MyMovie_3
    • MyMovie_N

To load each texture for example just use:

FStreamableManager& StreamableManager = UMyGameSingleton::Get().GetStreamableManager();
for (int i = 0; i < NumFrames; i++)
    UObject* Texture =  StreamableManager.SynchronousLoad("/Game/Textures/Movies" / MovieName / MovieName + "_" + i )
    // Save texture in an array or whatever :D

Note: I used the ‘/’ character for string path concatenation, it will include the right path separator automatically.

Make sure to add a FStreamableManager member into your GameSingletonClass. For more info about the game singleton class check Ramas tutorial on persistent instances: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums


Thanks Moss, i will give it a try.