Failed to import selected license file


usually I don’t get asked to activate the license by upoading an unlock.bin. (It worked online. Was it new or did I forget that I did it once?) So I was confused and it seems I uploaded an outdated unlock-bin from the same computer, which I found on it.

Then I downloaded the license.txt and imported as in 3. of the Avtivate RC dialog. An erros appears: ‘Failed to import the selected license file’

It is not possible to upload a newly generated unlock.bin, because the activation says that the license is used on another computer. But it isn’t in use. Nor on the same neither on another. I am unable to work now.

Could you please help? I have to deliver a scan tomorrow.

Thank you,

Hi Gerrit Schulze

PLease try now the ONLINE and if not work then OFFLINE activation.