Failed to cook Light01.asset

in the last 2 days i created a simple Jump and Run Game to get in Blueprint programming. But when i tried to export this game the log gave me a error saying “PackagingResults:Error: Error Error Unable to cook package for platform because it is unable to be loaded: F:/UnrealEngine/Jump_and_Run/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor/Jump_and_Run/Content/StarterContent/Audio/Light01.uasset”

I had this probleme before and i fixed it by reinstalling the unreal engine. Then it was fine for about 1-2 days and then the error appeared again for no reason.
I dont know how to fix this issue and i hope you can

Thank you

(The complete log: )

Have you been deleting asset files from Windows Explorer? If so, don’t: do it via the editor content browser or your project will kick out errors as it can’t find the files anymore and doesn’t realise you’ve deleted them.

I’ve got an easy fix for you! create a new project save it as your game name, and close. open your game project, go to the persistant level, right click migrate assets, migrate it to the new project, it will copy all files necessary for the game ( basically everything your game is using, won’t copy anything your not using though ), then if you have custom input go into project details and export your inputs, open your new project import inputs, set up your maps and modes, videos all that stuff, and package, hey presto! instant game…

actually I’ve got an easier fix for you, just create a blank project add starter content, then migrate the starter content folder into your current project, that should replace the refrence… as long as you don’t have any altered uassets in your starter content folder, if you do, just move them into a different folder… or another way you could do it is create a blank project add starter content search for light01.uasset and migrate that, that should replace the refrence, basically what happened was you deleted it without replacing the refrence and the packager is looking for something that doesn’t exists, so if you put something at that location and package it should work… hopefully this fixes your problem…