Failed to adding an inherited RadialForceActor in C++

As the title, just after adding it from the editor, the editor says there are some compiling errors.The VS says as below:

I wonder if it is a bug of UE4?Thx to any help!

Hey, I believe this post in answerhub is related to your problem. If the suggested solution does not work for you, I believe there’s nothing much you could do about now but to recreate an identical class as RadialForceActor inherited from ARigidBodyBase, with another name, and start from there.

Yes, it may be a solution.But I still think it is a bug.I have tried serveral times with empty project.Anyway, many thanks to your reply!

RadialForceActor is marked as MinimalAPI and not exported.

You have to either create a duplicate for your own code, or modify engine source so that it’s an exported class.

Yeah, it was marked as a bug and already being treated by Epic Staff, as you can see in the Pull Request #3346