Faded colors in camera actor view

I’m pretty new to UE so if there’s a better place to ask specific questions like this, let me know. This may be a simple problem. (This is low priority, too. Just making a UI for a live trivia game.)

The main camera actor I’m using has started to fade out the colors seen from it:

It just started doing this without me adding or changing anything (I know of) to the blueprint, but I did copy all the actors from one level to another blank one. For awhile it only did it when previewing, but would be fine if you launched the game in a separate window, but now even that is faded. Tint, Saturation and Contrast are all default values. Adjusting them reflects changes in the camera view, but I just want to know how to make the baseline value the same as the original texture.

Any advice would be appreciated.