Facing Errors while migrating 4.27.2 project to UE 5.0 EA2 5-0

After I migrate my UE4.27.2 project to Unreal engine 5.0 EA2 build I’m getting an error called “cannot load the map because it’s saved in newer version of unreal engine”. What can I do to fix this issue? Is it possible to downgrade my ue4.27.2 project to UE 4.26?

What i did was Delete everything except the COnfig file and The Project setup file and opended(Rebuild in UE5) and it worked for me. can you give me a SC so that i can recreate the problem ?

Yeah I have the same problem. Even tried to migrate some assets to UE5, in the 4.27.2 editor it do not give any error, even all the files show up in windows file explorer but when open the projects can not see any files there :(. So anyone find a solution.

wait till full release or use the source build of the engine to go around this, epic tried to warn everyone of this before 427 was released and its in the Docs of 5. your project file itself is marked as 4.27 you can try to edit that but who knows what will break

Which version should I build from source? Ue5.0 branch or ue5-main branch?

unless your experienced enough to fix any build issues that pop up your better off waiting a few months for the full release and learn using the examples/tutrials that for ue4 which there are plenty and you well have less issues upgrading then

They just release Unreal Engine 5 preview 1, it may fix the problem :slight_smile:

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