FaceFX FcFX issues with animation set

Hello everyone, Im trying to pose a model to 3D print for a personal project. I’ve finally got the majority of the skeleton to deform properly in blender but im still having issues with the FaceFX animations, the face seems to get all sunken in at the jaw area which I presume is due to some facial expression animation that is supposed to be there, I’m thinking that I must be missing some face animation somewhere that I need to add to the imported animation set.
But I’m not sure, I’m hoping someone has experience with animation sets and FaceFx to help me out here. I’ve had some success by just disabling the FcFX deforms, but it would be cool to get the full package here.

What I’ve done is: Import Skin PSK, and Import Skin Head PSK, then I select Skin PSK and then import a PSA and then I select the Head PSK and add the same PSA I added to the body, this gets the head to move with the body, but the face is all messed up.


EDIT: I just figured out how to just import the Skin_Head skeletal mesh but then with the Skin or body skeletal mesh I only import the mesh, then I just parent the body mesh to the head skeletal mesh and that makes things less redundant by having only one set of bones, but I still have the face issues.