FaceARSample Deployment Fail

I have been trying to get the FaceARSample project running but have been running into issue after issue. Right now the deployment fails with ‘ERROR: CodeSign failed’ but I also receive the following errors earlier on:

LogShaderCompilers: Error: Errors compiling global shader TSlateElementPSFonttruetrueA :

LogShaderCompilers: Error: /tmp/3689_966125236.metal(0): Xcode’s metal shader compiler was not found, verify Xcode has been installed on this Mac and that it has been selected in Xcode > Preferences > Locations > Command-line Tools.

LogMac: Error: appError called: Assertion failed: [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/ShaderCompiler/ShaderCompiler.cpp] [Line: 4523]

[DD] … Error: Failed to connect to bundle ‘’

I have an apple developer account, created an App ID, created a provisioning profile, got a signing certificate, made sure unreal had the certificate and provisioning and that the bundle matches the App ID bundle ID. I also made sure that Xcode was connected to my apple developer account. I’m running UE 4.22 and IOS 12.3.1 because I saw online people had success with those versions. My Xcode is 11.2 and I have Mojave-- wondering if it has to do with either of these due to the issue with Xcode’s metal shader. If anyone has any ideas I’d really appreciate it!

There are countless threads both on this forum, answerhub and other forums about iOS deployment fails, so what I suggest you is to look for those and check if anyone else already ( hopefully ) experienced something similar.
I spent 3 days working out the issues with the FaceAR Demployment, even though everything seems ok ( provisioning, certificate and so on ), so trial and error will be expected.