Face Rig control from MetaHuman doesn't stay near face

Hi there

I have an annoying issue. When in Sequencer, the face rig interface always stays at some initial location. Mostly it’s not even a sepcific, logic location. It’s just somwhere on the map - while my character is somewhere else. This makes it nearly impossible to work with the rig. Of cource, I can separately move every muscle. But I really want to use the rig interface. If nearby, it’s really helpful and let me save a ton of time. To be clear - this happens if the character is moved or placed within the Sequencer, only.
Do I miss some checkbox within any option? Or is this just a bug as it still is Beta?
Thanks a ton for any help!


I have the same question! But enybody answers :pensive:

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This seems to be fixed in 5.1. Converted the project and now all works fine. So, was a beta issue.