(Eye twitch) Item in inventory suddenly doesnt show since i converted reference to item info box to validated get

Hi again. My item image in my inventory somehow doesn’t exist in my inventory menu screen since i changed the reference to the item’s info box to a validated get node. These two things arent even directly related so Im once again confused. Could someone please help me fix this?


Hey @BO-DACIOUS! So everything was working prior to changing it over to a valid check get? Sounds like it’s failing the valid check, but before it was just removing whatever was passed through. Is tooltip ref a reference to a specific widget under WB inventory contents? If so it is always going to be invalid in your first example because clear children, so the following Set will never run.

The Destruct should be fine in this case, as it should be valid before trying to kill it.

Let me know if I’m wrong, I’m making assumptions without seeing the script to add the items, but I’m assuming you’re doing it straight in the data with a test item for testing anyway.

Hey again Entity. I figured this one out. I was missing an execution pin bypassing the reset nodes. Thanks again for the support. I’m about to post a question in a whole new category lol. Have a good one.

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