Extreme usage of memory when open texture...

Hi guys, I have this problem: when I try to open for the first time one texture from the Kite Demo, the ue4 extreme usage of memory (just for one texture the consume its over 3GBram with a peak of 5/6).
The engine freeze for 3 or 5 minutes, when the texture is loaded all stats go back to normal.
My question is this, it’s a normal thing?
P.S. My computer its not a workstation but for me just for open one texture, this consume its seem too high.
Sorry for my English ^^

This is expected with larger texture files. Especially like the ones from the Kite Demo content.

The reason it appears to “freeze” is because the first time these assets are opened the Derived Data Cache has to be written so that it will open more quickly the next time.

This is also why if you look at the contents warning before downloading this is already mentioned that it will take a while to open on the first load for the map. The DDC has to be written. If you open just a texture this is the same just not as extreme of a wait because it’s not for the entire scene.