"Extract Sprites" yields poor alphabetizing

I recently tried ‘extract sprites’ upon a spritesheet with many sprites - the result is sprites named

  • Sheet_Sprite
  • Sheet_Sprite_2
  • Sheet_Sprite_3
  • Sheet_Sprite_4
  • Sheet_Sprite_5
  • (and so on up to) Sheet_Sprite_321

Unfortunately, this creates a problem. Because of the way Unreal Engine alphabetizes these sprites, Content Browser shows me sprites listed like so:

  • Sheet_Sprite
  • Sheet_Sprite_1
  • Sheet_Sprite_10
  • Sheet_Sprite_100
  • Sheet_Sprite_101
  • Sheet_Sprite_102

and so on.

This makes it very difficult to find sprites that were organized left-to-right within a sheet for flipbook creation.
I feel unreal engine should either alphabetize numbers in this format a different way, or extract sprites should name sprites with leading zeros.

However, I know UE has a lot of options to change the way things are displayed. Is there such a way to change the alphabetizing to respect these numbers?