Extinction Event: Nanite Apocalypse - MMO - Level Designers

Extinction Event: Nanite Apocalypse - MMO - Level Designers

Tempest Productions LLC is seeking one or two Level Designers to expedite our move to our alpha testing phase. Candidates must be able to display their skills using Blender, Maya, Substance Painter, etc., be able to work and communicate with a dedicated team, and be able to match the level of our design.

Our concept is a near future survival oriented MMO (approximately 100 years). The project requires a mixture of contemporary and futuristic structures, objects, vehicles and clothes. Much has been completed, but the world we are building is huge (the alpha area isn’t exactly small either) and additional Artistic developers are needed.

Experience is always welcome but skill will not be overlooked.

Everyone affiliated with Tempest Productions LLC has a vested interest in this projects success; no one works for free. The successful candidates must be willing to sign an agreement with Tempest Productions LLC, be open to using Perforce P4 client for collaboration, have the means (line speed, computer system and software) and dedication to maintain communication daily, and possess a reasonable understanding of Unreal Engine 4.14. The ability to read and speak English is a must. For time coordination reasons those in America and Canada hold a slight preference.

This is a royalty project. We are more than 18 months into development and we are poised to rent a server in a matter of weeks to begin testing our gaming systems.

If interested please contact me with your email address. I will provide you with our back-end website where you can see some of our artwork, learn more about our concept, see what progress we’ve made so far and gauge how your skills will fit in.

NOTE: Full disclosure about the project and materials from the project for evaluation purposes will not be provided until a signed agreement is in place.

We look forward to hearing from you.