External Files on Blueprint Script

Hi my new friends.

I’m learning UE4 Blueprint Script and I have a idea but I don’t know if that is possible to make. I have a folder on my WAMP SERVER and a have a folder called ( Static Mesh ). My idea is create a button on my UE4 widget and when It’s pressed import my Static Mesh from my folder to my scene. It’s possible ?

Please, help me.

Thank you.

I think it will be easier and/or possible to do that by import all your meshes into your game-content folder in the Content Browser. Then convert each one of those meshes to a blueprint-class and when you press the button you could use SpawnActorFromClass
And you could make an array of all the classes of your available meshes and select one randomly or let the user choose, that completely depends on you…

hey man. I have exactly the same question… I need when to press a button to load an fbx or datasmith file from a folder. Did you find the solution ?