Extending Blueprint Interface

I’m referring to my own thread

There’s no possibility to extend a blueprint interface.
I’d like to have an Item_Interface and a WeaponItem_Interface.
WeaponItem_Interface should inherit Item_interface.

Implementing them separately makes no sense.

I second this.
Also there are some blueprint interface inheritance, but i don’t understand how it works.

Because it is my use case and it has to do with the interfaces I mentioned:

You can expose a Class Type and select subclasses as a value:

(Test extends Item)
But you cannot expose Interface Type and select classes implemeting it:


Why is that so? Is there a reason for this? Is there a solution for this?

This would indeed be a very useful feature. That being said, I haven’t yet ran into a situation where I need it so I don’t know - is this possible with C++?