Extended blocking volume and overlapping volume hitresults

So in our game, we have multiple teams. We want to create a volume, such that when a player of a certain team is in the volume, he can move freely around. However, when he goes out, he cannot enter the volume again, and thus is blocked out.

Our first try was by just using a blocking volume with my own collision channels. However, this is not a valid solution, as the player can not move when the volume ‘activates’ when he is already inside.

Then, we tried to ‘reset’ the players position when he touches the volume from the outside. However, for this we need the HitResult parameter from the ReceiveHit event. But this event only works if the volume blocks always, even when the player is already inside. We need our volume to just overlap. But then, the ReceiveActorBeginOverlap does not have any HitResult parameter, allowing us to undo the penetration. We are at a complete on what to do. On top of that, this is all in multiplayer so we have to take into account multiple users and teams.

The game we am porting over has been written in UDK, and there the Touch event has a HitNormal parameter. Why is there none for overlappings with ReceiveActorBeginOverlap?

We are actually working on adding more information (such as hit normal and location) for overlap events now! This will only be valid for ‘swept’ movement though (like a Character walking around) and not for teleporting movement, but that should work in your case. This should be in 4.3.