Exposing variables to the "MyCharacter" blueprint-

I’m trying to access a variable that I’ve set up to reference another BP.

I have a door blueprint that features a simple animation of a door.

What I was trying to do, just while testing functionality- was call up that door blueprint and assign a clickable event based on a SingleLineTrace.

Now, I really don’t want this functionality within MyCharacter in the final game, as this was just for testing purposes. However- I am curious as why the following doesn’t work:

I was trying to access the door within MyCharacter, but since there is no “details” tab (as there would be if I set it up as some other placeable asset), I figured I would be able to assign the door variable within the defaults section of the MyCharacter Blueprint. I can’t, and I’m not quite sure why.

I feel like that may not be the clearest way to explain it… Here’s a pretty picture:

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I get the impression that I’m visualizing this all wrong.

  1. exposed _C object variable means you need to have an instance of that door first, and “after” construct your character, you can then assign Linked_Door. So that won’t show up in default tabs.
  2. since your character is not likely in level editor, just spawned by PlayerStart, you can’t assign something on object you haven’t get into the level yet. And you can’t use permanent object in level inside other bp except level bp itself.
    (if you play in editor, and then select your Pawn/Character, you should see it in outliner where its name is blue, you can then see the slot available in details tab on right hand side of level editor.)

and honest suggestion, do it the proper way first, this will save you from the trouble to remove all those events down the road.
ps. nice picture btw, helped me to understand your question faster. :slight_smile:

That makes perfect sense. Thanks PenguinTD!

Yah that was a really bad idea on my part. Sometimes my curiosity takes over and I start tinkering in place haha.