Exposing a Bool so that the animation Bluprint can see it.

I added a additional animation (shoot) to my TPS_BP state machine. I setup the Input Manager to receive a F key press and sett IsShooting to true.

I can’t figure out how to see the Bool (IsShooting) in the animation Blueprint so I can go into the shooting animation.

Is there a way to just make a variable Global so all Blueprints can see it?

I already used break point to see the the key press is being received and reacted to in the MyCharacter Blueprint graph.

Is there a video or written doc that can explain all the cast to character type stuff or how to make a variable global for all to see?


you can set this in the transitions rules.

opp sorry, you need cast MyCharacter Blueprint graph first.

Thanks I have it set in there but it does not seem to see the bit flip of the bool. I wish I could either tell it to set IsShooting? from MyCharcter BP = IsShooting? Bool in the Animation BP.

Is this graph from MyCharacter BP or Animation BP? Thanks

I have been trying to figure out the Cast to Character. Some of the documentation is vague in that area or at least it seems so to me at the moment. I will try again after the work today. I gotta learn to fish!! LOL! Thanks!!

I will keep trying:-)

You cast to a character from a pawn, so get your pawn first.

hi Venged, is a little trick, you need start with the node Get Owning Actor create a new node using the pin Return value and use the search bar look for “cast to”, and find the class of your player.


the next is more easy

Thank You erWilly! I can’t wait to get off work and try it. Now the the day go last 10.000 hours. LOL

Question: On the two picks you showed, I’m assuming this all happens in the MyCharacter BP and not the animation BP. What is the corresponding node I need to integrate into the Animation BP to get the two BP talking (able to see each others variables)?

all happen in the eventgraft in animblueprint,

MyCharacter BP never “talk” with the animation BP,

animation BP is waching every frame(like Big Brother) what happen in the MyCharacter BP.

Thanks! _ I have been putting stuff in both. This clears it up! Now I really hope the end of the workday comes quick! LOL!

So everything you shared happens in the anmimBP, so I am assuming that the ability to see into MyChar Blue print, like big brother, is established there as well:-) I will update the thread when, not if, I get it working tonight.

Thanks a million!

Do I only need to create the bool isShooting in MyCharater? But all the BP scripting to see and react to to will be in AnmiBP?


I was not able to find the target active talk node shown in your picture.


Looking at my photo, am I doing something wrong?

if you could find “active talk” node, the engine would not be a engine, but black magic, y tim would be a Necromancer.

Active talk is a variable in my class, you are Casting to MyCharater so now can you look for isShooting.

no, one in each Bp.

You also need create variable in AnmiBP and SET the casting value from MyCharater.isShooting to animationBP.isShooting

So now, you have synchronize both variables.

Thanks erWilly! - I will try agin after work this morning. I found this on the answer hub and got it to work without ever going into my shoot part of the StateMachine. But I still want to get the BP talk to BP method going.

Here is what I used for a work around last night: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/24180/how-do-i-add-a-simple-melee-attack-animation-to-my.html

And here is the result. - YouTube

I still have to modify the AnimMontage to to blend only from the waste (spine) up.

LOL - Late last night I finally realized that active talk was your class variable. I was like rofl. LOL


Men, very, very, LOL… : DDD