expose rotation on a part of a object?

I dont really have much experience with blueprints, and Ive been searching around for some time now but havent find a good turtorial on how to do this.
I want to set up a chest in a way where I can have the rotation of the lid exposed. So when duplicating it around in my scene I can easily change the rotation of the lid without having to deal with two separate meshes for every single chest or having to make a bunch of versions for it.

If possible I would also like the whole chest be the same fbx, I’m going to use this function on more objects in the scene and it would be awesome if I didnt have to split them up everytime i export them.

I guess I have to do some kind of actor for this? But i dont know how… if someone knows how to do this or can point me to a turtorial where they deal with this that would be awesome.

anyone? :slight_smile:

So I think i figured out a okey way to do this. I made a blueprint actor with lid and chest base separated. And then exposet the rotation of the lid in the construction graph.
It is all explained in these vedeos:
I think number 4,5 and 9 was the important ones.

As you can see on the images i made sure i had the pivot for where the lid and the base meets at zero when exporting, and then offseted the whole thing in the blueprint viewport, so that the box dont cut through the ground when i place it.