Exporting UE4 Camera Sequence for Maya 2018

Starting to dive into UE4 a bit, I’ve built a scene in Maya and a landscape in UE4.
I created a rough camera path in Maya and imported it into Unreal, had to make a few adjustments of the path in the Sequencer, and I want to be able to export the UE4 camera or sequence out so I can pull the updated path into Maya. Just exporting the camera and LevelSequence doesn’t bring in any of the keyframes. Is it possible to export those as well?

Disregard the initial message, shortly after I had posted this, I realized I hadn’t been selecting the correct line in the Sequencer to export the Key Frames as well as the camera. Once I imported that into Maya, I just had to adjust the scaling to get the camera back in to it’s original Maya position.