Exporting to HTML5 missing UE4-UMGEditor.bc

Hi there, I am trying to package my game to HTML5. When I build I get this error:

ERROR:root:K:\Unreal\UE_4.19\Engine\Binaries\HTML5\UE4-UMGEditor.bc: No such file or directory ("K:\Unreal\UE_4.19\Engine\Binaries\HTML5\UE4-UMGEditor.bc" was expected to be an input file, based on the commandline arguments provided)


  • removed all the modules but it still doesn’t work
  • Create a blank project and exported it - it worked
  • Verify the engine, nothing happend
  • Got an other version (4.18) - still nothing
  • Packed from on other machine with 4.19 - sitll nothing
  • Deleted cached data and rebuilding - nothing

If you have any other ideas to try out or anyone faced this problem before, please let me know

245953-mr-web.log (459 KB)