exporting Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture broken?

I’m trying to follow this official tutorial to export a 360 video:

The plugin is enabled. Unreal is restarted. Project is rebuild. In console I entered:
SP.OutputDir D:/tmp/stereo

In Windows Taskmanager I see used memory is increased by 3Gb, a short hickup in the editor but no images are saved. Using 4.13.0 preview 1. I tried it before in 4.12 (I think) and it worked back then.
Am I doing something wrong or can anyone confirm it’s broken?

By default the iamges that are output should be placed in your Saved folder under a folder called StereoPanorama. So I would try the capture again with out trying to change the output directory. Give that a try and see if you see the image show up there. If that still does not work then please post this to Answer HUB as a bug so that it can be tracked as not working. If you have any more questions about using the Plugin please let me know.

@Sam, thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion but still no images are created. I will make a post on the Answer Hub.

Edit: just figured it out: it’s not broken - you must invoke the console **while in play mode **(shift F1 to regain mouse mode after moving to a position).