Exporting Registration -- Operation failed

When I try to export Registration I get the following error:


On a second attempt, same error with a different image listed as not matching. The images in 2Ds appear to match, have tried re-importing all images, behavior consistent in other, but not all other Components in this .rcproject file.

I realize I could align again, but one Component was difficult to build to 680 cams, would like to avoid redoing all that work, but smells like something got corrupted in this file (which is why I’m trying to export .rcalign files.

Thanks for a tip.

Hi Benjamin
Best if you select all images and choose ALL IMAGE FEATURES:


then when you click on a COMPONENT, you will get detailed information on the ALIGNMENT settings used. so set the same values.
then just use ALIGN, but only wait until FEATURES are detected, then cancel the alignment process and you can export the features

Same problem here, but the workaround proposed by Milos doesn’t seem to apply.
During the feature detection, a message pops up (Processing failed: Invalid function call), and the registration export fails just like before.

Hi Yves

Please try set the same settings on the ALIGNMENT settings.