Exporting from UE4 real time to 3d app (Max, Maya...)

Hi all!

I’m currently working on a project where the player can decorate the interior of a house, by placing objects inside it (tables, furniture, etc). An ideal addition to this project would be to be able to export the finished scene into an external 3d app, such as Max or Maya, in case they want to render the scene or further work on it over there for ArchViz purposes.

My question is that I don’t know if such functionality is possible through Unreal at the moment, either through Blueprints or code. I think it would be a neat addition if not, but hopefully someone over here knows a way around this situation that already exists.

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There’s a plugin that can establish a connection between maya and unreal.

It’s not actively being worked on unfortunately so there might be issues with the newest unreal version and some features might have bugs. You’d have to fix both of those things yourself if they pose a problem for you.

Probably not exactly what you’re looking for anyway but it might be a good start to develop your own tool.

For a blueprint solution there’s not much hope. I mean it definitely doesn’t exist but there’s also not really a reason for it to. Blueprint is mostly for runtime scripting and a bit of in editor tweaking. Not for importer / exporters.

Thanks for your comment!

That script looks awesome, albeit not being exactly what I´m after. The main reason behind my question is to be able to present the player with a method to export what he created in game (like a building, or the interior design of a house) to another 3d app. The creation pipeline for the player would need to be in game - imagine if you are playing Fallout 4 and you are building your shelter, then you can export that as an .fbx to Max or Maya to do some nice renders.

But thanks to your answer I believe it would be safe to assume that this would be meant as something for a coder to study upon? Unfortunately I’m only versed in Blueprints so far, so if you think someone with C++ skills would be able to create what I’m after I’d be willing to talk to them. Do you think it would be overly complicated?

A snapshot as fbx should not be overly complicated. Large files but managable in terms of complexity.

Though don’t take this statement at face value. I don’t actually have any experience with it and for example couldn’t judge how complex this becomes when you want it working with skeletal meshes too. This might bring up some larger issues.

I can’t really help you more than sharing this plugin unfortunately since I myself don’t really know much about actually doing that type of thing.

Good luck though!