Exporting Camera Anim from Unreal Showcases

Hi everyone

I have an issue which is rather long winded to explain, so I will try to elaborate step by step.

The outcome is simply to use one of the Camera Shakes, which can be found in the Matinee Fight showcase demo.

I opened the level, opened the matinee, found the layer I wanted, in this case “Camera_1_Shake” which is simply a camera with hundreds of keyframes, to give the shake effect.

I exported this into one of my own projects. FIrstly I right clicked and did the ExportCameraAnim option. For simplicity I changed the output destination to the AUDIO folder and it exported fine.

I then migrated this into my own project and it appears with no issues.

Now in my own project, if I double click the MyCameraAnimation asset, a new matinee window pops up with all the keyframes there. Good stuff. Except right click is disabled so I cannot add a new Dircector track.

My aim is to make a new camera and parent it to the Shake cam. Which is how they do it in the samples.

Within this Matinee window, I can indeed add a new camera by using the Camera button at the top. I can then parent this to the shaky cam and it works as intended. I can animate my new camera, with cool shake on it.

Now the issue. As soon as this Matinee window is closed, the shaky cam disappears from the Scene Outliner. Saving the Matinee doesnt actually do anything. No new Matinee sequence is actually being added to the scene.

So the issue is, I have the shaky cam data in the project, but I cant figure out how to use it in a new Matinee. I cant see a way of copying keyframes either.

Has anyone tried this themselves or have any ideas to workaround?

Very long winded I know, but saves a lot of time with manual keyframing the shake and can be used over and over.

Cheers guys!

Scratch all that. I shut down the engine, restarted, and it then allowed me to simply copy the movement keyframes and paste on a new camera, in a new matinee…

Problem solved