Exporter to UE4 asset

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right forum. Anyway, I’d like to ask if there is some information available about the UE4 asset file format. Specifically, I’d like to write an exporter that allows me to produce UE4 compliant assets from a tree/plant generation software that I’ve developed (thus including geometry, maps and LOD information). Thanks for any suggestion.

You could just write out all that info into an FBX, and then let UE4 import that.That has the added benefit of being engine-agnostic, so even if your users aren’t using UE4 (or UE4 changes its file format somehow) - your tool continues working properly.

Thanks for the info Matt!

Just to answer the original question, there is no known documentation on the uasset format.

.uasset files have no actual “format”, on the lowest level they are “package” files that contain Unreal Objects inside them. Each object is merely a collection of properties. You can search the source for LoadPackage and SavePackage functions if you want to learn how the engine reads and writes package files. You can also take a look at UObject::Serialize function to see how properties are serialized. Additionally, some UObjects have their own overridden versions of Serialize to perform custom serialization.

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