Export mesh with LoDs, or integrate Simplygon in 4.12

So I’ve been using UE4 4.16 to work on LoDs along with Simplygon. I have a marketplace pack using 4.12, so I would like to be able to export the meshes (from UE4 4.16) and their LoDs through the regular FBX pipeline and reimport them in the 4.12 version.

The thing is, I’ve been unable to do that. I’ve tried for a while to find a way, but it seems like there is none - or at least none supported officially. Therefore I have to ask, have anyone been able to do that?

If not, I don’t mind reworking through the pipeline within the engine. However, I’ve been unable to install Simplygon on UE4 prior to version 4.14. Likewise, have anyone been able to find a way to make Simplygon compatible with these legacy versions?

This is a major block to push an update on a pack I wish to update with new textures and reworked meshes. Any help is genuinely welcome!

Samuel Thibault - Wolven Digital