export forum subscription how to? & some forum and marketplace feature request

  1. is there any way to export forum subscription folders in an xml file?

if no, then is there any 3rd party chrome plugin for that?

so far i think the only way to ‘export’ subscription is to save the pages in browser. btw is there any tool to save pages automatically? (remember subscription menu comes after login authentication)

  1. when opening a new topic there is no recommendation/suggestion feature based on the title, in xda forum when u open a new thread the forum will automatically suggest you (based on your thread title) to have a look on similar threads first. can that feature be implemented?

  2. marketplace wishlist

  3. marketplace price sorting and price based filtering (like unity store) so we can find free assets and low priced assets easily. at this moment marketplace … no offence… but little too convoluted for me to browse and locate the products i need.

  1. I took a look into that and there isn’t a plugin for it. We’d have export the whole database.

  2. We have that working on AnswerHub, but vbulletin doesn’t seem to have support for that nor an available plugin unfortunately. It’s a good idea and I’ll ask our team.

3 and 4. Already requested and the marketplace team is actively working on getting more features implemented. Stay tuned for announcements, as we’ve seen a lot of good progress internally and you’ll see some of that come out soon.