Export and rendering Camera, Effects for Movie

hi, how can i export my camera scenes from 3ds max to video. by the way, i’d would like to design the effect in engine to make some movie, so that i dont need to use after effect adobe or particles or krakatoa with so complex to me t.t, is it ok hm… :slight_smile: tks very mich

You can animate your camera like normal in 3ds Max and then export it with animation to FBX–UE4 has Matinee which can import a camera from FBX and then you can have it use the animation in cinematics to render a video in Unreal. Just remember that X and Y are flipped in Unreal so rotate everything 90 degrees clockwise before you create your camera animation.
As far as particles, it’s capable of having a huge number of particles, but what you can do with it is much more limited compared to using Particle Flow in 3ds Max.

thank you very mich for show me the Particle Flow is better, it makes sense to me^^.