Expert in a year - 3D artist

So i started this thread about a month or so ago on Polycount and wanted to share it here also.

Hello everyone, I have been interested in being a 3D artist for quite some time but never took the dive. I got inspired by the video table tennis - expert in a year and I wanted to give it a shot. Since I am now considering a career change I think it is time for me to put in the hours and move on to my next challenge. I already have some experience as a modeler so I am not starting from scratch but I am far from being able to charge money for my services.

I wanted to create a thread where I can show my progress, talk about the challenge I faced and connect with the community. My goal is to be able to charge confidently for my services in a year from now and to have connected with other professionals.

I will post Updates at least once a week in this thread to keep me focused on my goals.

Here is what I done since I started a month ago

Thanks for the feedback!