Experimanting with adding 2nd capsule component to player character, wondering if this is good idea

Hi everyone,

Just to bounce this off you …
I need the main capsule for the character to be skinny and slightly in from the mesh
so that I can attach things to character and react to its body’s collision naturally without
floating way out there …
… but now the character have a problem going up stairs and small obstacles.

… so I thought of adding another capsule, fatter one low down by the feet to help the
character get over things on the ground.

I am just wondering if this affects the game speed on by how much.
I think I feel a slight slowness but I cant determine if its my imagination or not.
Will this put a big “drag” on the character?
Anyone knows?

Thank you :slight_smile:


fastest way to see if its a performance drag is to measure your delta time with and without the added capsule type stat fps in consol to see delta time

Great thanks!

Yeah that works. I dont see any difference in fps. Maybe its very small like 0001 or something but I dont see it. :slight_smile: