Exome Data Visualization


As an Intern in Medical Genetics and casual user of the Unreal Engine for Game development, I would like to know if there was a way to use the Engine for csv/xml datas visualization. I am not talking about one csv file for a project table data, but more like a function that can allow to chose in real-time (“in-game”) the csv file that we want to get data from, in order to get a visualization on certain genes, according to a score we created . Then interrogate Pubmed or other sites, and return results into the game. All this in the purpose of real-time and graphicly pleasant data-mining and research from the datas (csv files) we get by exome sequencing.

I played a bit in the Unreal Engine to get to this but it seems impossible with the knowledge i have at least… I guess this is kind of possible since i saw the Big-DataVR challenge won by genomics teams …

I thank you in advance, congrutalations for this remarquable Engine and the community that comes with it.

Best regards

Wallid Deb